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Supreme Court Greenlights North Carolina Election Integrity Laws

Late today, the United States Supreme Court dissolved a stay against North Carolina election integrity laws, allowing those laws to go into effect for November’s election.  The vote was 7-2.


North Carolina enacted laws to revise expensive early voting procedures and eliminated fraud-ridden same day voter registration.  Another new law required voters to actually vote in the precinct where they live. Left wing groups challenged the new laws, advancing novel new arguments that no change in voting could have any disparate statistical impact on blacks.   That has never been the law under the Voting Rights Act.

Late today the Supreme Court dealt a blow to these radical new legal theories about the Voting Rights Act.

Naturally, Richard Wolf at the USA Today is calling these new provisions “restrictions” on voting.  If they are restrictions, they exist in many other states such as New York.  Voter registration to some people is a “restriction” on voting.  Thus, this novel legal theory is designed to place all manner of election laws under the review of the Voting Rights Act to see if there is some tangential disparate racial impact.

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