Ebola: PJ Media's J. Christian Adams on The Kelly File

PJ Media’s legal editor J. Christian Adams appeared on the Fox News Channel with Megyn Kelly last night. He talked about President Obama’s authority to stop flights from Liberia from coming into the U.S.


Adams referenced his PJ Media column where he makes it plain the president has all the legal authority he needs to act, but has failed to do so:

As the Ebola epidemic has spread through West Africa over the last several months, President Obama has not used legal powers he possesses to help prevent the deadly virus from entering the United States.

Federal law gives the president the power to issue a proclamation to seal the borders to any class of aliens who pose a threat to the United States. The law is broad enough that Obama could have issued a proclamation months ago denying entry to any foreign national from the countries of Sierra Leone, Guinea, Nigeria or Liberia. Under the law, such a proclamation could have also included any passport holder who visited those countries as evidenced by visas or entry/exit stamps on the passport.

Section 1182 (f) of the Immigration and Naturalization Act gives the president this power, which the Obama administration has refused to use even as Ebola threatens Americans.

“Why does this president not protect the American people?” asks Adams. So far, no answer has been forthcoming from the White House.


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