Does Fear of Radical Muslims Intimidate The American Press and Legal System?

Brendan Tevlin was driving home all alone in his car when he became a casualty of war from 6,000 miles away. Brendan did not know who it was who killed him or why. What did he do to have 8 shots pumped into his car killing him instantly? He died because an empowered Ail Muhammad Brown thought he had the right to kill for his religion, To Brown it says in the Quran Chapter 17.33,  “Killing by right has five sections” and Brown chose the section covering the, “Willful murder for retribution.” The police, the press, and the Federal Government refused to call it a terrorist attack.


On September 13, 2013 in an address to the world the Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri urged small-scale attacks inside the United States. Lone wolf terrorists attacks have been going on for a long time.

Another example of a lone wolf attack was Nidal Malik Hasan, a U.S. Army major and psychiatrist, who shot and killed 13 people on November 5, 2009 at Ft. Hood Texas. The Federal Government called what happened at Ft. Hood a “Workplace Violence incident.”  Again nobody at any level of government or law enforcement or the press would challenge the government assertion it was not an act of terrorism. Why is it that in both cases the government refuses to call these acts as terrorism?

Our Federal government doesn’t have the skill to follow long wolf terrorists. Jeffrey Simon is a visiting lecturer of political science at UCLA, an expert on terrorism and political violence, says in his book, “Lone wolf Terrorism, Understanding the Growing Threat.” “What makes lone wolves so dangerous is their ability to think outside the box. Since they operate by themselves, there is no group pressure or decision-making process that might stifle creativity. Lone wolves are free to act upon any scenario they can dream up. This freedom has resulted in some of the most imaginative terrorist attacks in history.

Our government is quick to call something racist and dispatch significant resource to make sure justice is done. A young black man was killed in Ferguson and the Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder went to Ferguson in person to insure that the full weight of the Federal Government was brought to bear to insure justice was served. Has he been in Newark? Has he visited the parents of Brendan Tevlin? Did President Obama call the Tevlin parents and express on behalf of the nation sorrow for their loss? Did he tell them, “We will not tolerate brutal attacks on American citizens and Mr. Brown will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”


It is clear from the confession Ali Muhammad Brown he did not believe he had done anything wrong when he killed Tevlin and 3 or possibly 4 others in Washington. So he believes that he is not guilty because his faith tells him he can kill.

How is it that the local and state police refused, along with the Justice Department to call this at least for now, a lone wolf terrorist attack? The problem for the government is that it can’t follow the, “Lone Wolf Terrorists.” Innocent people were killed just like Brendan in the Boston Marathon bombing again by two lone wolfs.

So back to the question, why did the press not cover this story? First of all unlike Ferguson, which was a white police officer killing a black young man and potential racism, in Brendan’s case this was a Black Muslim terrorist killing a white man. The press knows that terrorists, as was demonstrated with the murdering of Brendan Tevlin can kill you for any reason. If you have interfered with the goal of Islam then the terrorist has the right to kill you. Look what happened to the two reporters that were beheaded in ISIL If you’re a reporter for TV or newspaper do you want to take the chance of risking your life by condemning the act of terrorism? Why take the risk of speaking out about Islam and ISIL. I have no doubt that the fact that the race had the wrong spin, black on white gave them the chance to gloss over the story and in turn pass on the story.

Brown has not said that he was a supporter of ISIL but he did say that he was a devout Muslim and his killing was retribution for American sins in the Middle East. I wonder if the press and the Treasury will change if an American reporter is beheaded on American soil? Brendan Tevlin I have never met you but my brain tells me that you would have made America a better place, we can’t afford to loose any more good guys like Brendan, because the government is afraid to call something what it is.




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