For Reasons Unknown To Sane People, McCain Is In Demand On GOP Campaign Trail


It’s general election season — and John McCain is back in demand.

With Republican primaries are over and Senate hopefuls in tough races no longer vying to outflank opponents on their right flank, the 2008 Republican nominee and infamous Senate “maverick” is being sought out on the campaign trail. He’s already stopped by purple Virginia and New Hampshire to stump for the GOP campaigns of Ed Gillespie and Scott Brown, and now the Arizona Republican is ready to go farther afield.


Nothing says, “We’ve learned our lessons!” like trotting out the fossil who is loathed more by the conservative Republican base than he is by Democrats these days. This is just another indication that the establishment GOP is woefully out of touch. Sadly, they probably won’t learn anything this year because the base will more than likely turn out and give them a big night in November because we don’t want President Obama running around completely unchecked during his last two years. That will have the unfortunate side effect of letting the old guard delude itself into thinking it can keep giving the finger to the base as it heads into the all important 2016 presidential election.

Get ready for President Warren if that ends up being the case.


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