Boots on the Ground Now: The Moral Depravity of Obama's Doctrine of the Sanitary War on ISIS

Barack Obama’s delusion of the sanitary war — with no boots on the ground — is, and will continue to be, the proximate cause of…

  • bleeding vaginal lacerations in pre-pubescent girls, whose maidenhood gets rasped away by jihadis who train for child rape by penetrating goats, and of
  • massive contusions, torn breasts, shattered ribs, fractured skulls and bleeding brain matter oozing from women who have been half-buried in sand then stoned to death for perceived offenses against Koranic masculinity, and of
  • asphyxiation by public strangulation of homosexuals, flies swarming on their sun-baked blood-caked dangling feet, and of
  • the hog-butchery of Christians, Jews, atheists and Muslims, whose relatives and countries fail to pay ransom, and of
  • the creation of an unchallenged Islamic State without a fig leaf of secularism or democracy, and with utter disdain for the United Nations and for Western values.

About this clear, present and historical threat, the U.S. secretary of State blandly states in the passive voice:

We have the ability to destroy ISIL. … It may take a year, it may take two years, it may take three years. But we’re determined it has to happen.

The United States and her allies defeated Hitler’s Wehrmacht, along with the Italian Royal Army, and the air, land and sea forces of the Empire of Japan in three-and-a-half years. Now, Secretary Kerry says it may take nearly that long to defeat an enemy said to number between 5,000 and 12,000 fighters, fielded by a government that can’t build a single tank, airplane or ship.

Of course, all of this time won’t be spent building weapons, equipping troops, crafting military strategy, deploying forces and assets, re-taking territory and bludgeoning the enemy into unconditional surrender.

No, Obama and Kerry need time to draft tentative agreements, allow diplomats to drink turkish coffee (infused with Sharia-verboten spirits), smoke the hookah, kiss the cheek, bow the head before monarchs and transfer satchels of crisp Franklins to tribal leaders within and outside of Islam-professing governments.

Obama believes Americans lack the stomach for all-out war, especially against an enemy for whom he has some empathy — being subjected as both he and they are to American cultural bigotry and oppression.

The president has vacillated between confessing he has no strategy to combat the rise of the dark state, to claiming he has a plan to “degrade and ultimately destroy” the caliphate in the long haul. He likens the latter approach to the way we have dealt with al Qaeda. But it’s just this cherry-picking strategy — drone-launched Hellfire missiles sent up the tailpipe of a Toyota al Qorolla — which has fostered the rise of the Islamic State.


The people in our armed forces volunteered for the opportunity to rid the world of Satanic monsters like these. There is no sanitary method for purging such evil from 30,000 feet.

There is a man with weapons in hand — the best-equipped, best-trained, smartest soldier in the world. He has a job to do that none other can do — and that if left undone, may undo us all.

So, every time you hear President Obama, or his sycophants, use the phrase “no boots on the ground,” you should picture a jihadi throttling a little girl as he tears away her underwear and her childhood shouting “Allahu akbar,” or the twitching legs of a homosexual as the noose cinches up and the crowd cheers “Allahu akbar,” or the involuntary guttural exertions of a Jew as the butcher’s knife saws through artery and sinew and spine to a chorus of “Allahu akbar.”

“Allahu akbar,” in these contexts, is an anthem to the glory of the god of this world, the Islamist pig-god who wallows in the blood of his victims — the very Satan.

The future of the world may now depend on the full force of American military might. No half-measures will suffice to eradicate such a civilization-annihilating scourge.

Boots on the ground now.


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