Politico Hillary 'Not Comfortable In Her Own Skin'


When Al Gore ran for president in 2000, he was battered continuously by the media for “not being comfortable in his own skin.”

But is Hillary any more comfortable in hers? Will she not do an appearance that might make her look candid, warm and appealing because she is not candid, warm and appealing?
We do not know. But give the potential 2016 Democratic presidential candidate this, she did stay for the entire five minutes and 14 seconds of her bit last week. Which is more than can be said for one of the possible Republican candidates in 2016, Rand Paul.

While Paul has been getting some serious publicity recently, this also means he has been getting some serious scrutiny.


See what they did there? The headline seemed to be negative about Hillary (sometimes it seems as if these media hacks are meeting her for the first time), then they sneak in a little praise and-BOOM-it’s on to the Rand Paul bashing, kids!

In fact, a good chunk of the post is about Rand Paul. It’s almost as if Hillary is mentioned just so they can prop her up a bit.


As Paul has been more obvious about his 2016 intentions than any other Republican thus far, he has become the focus of the “Hillary Is Inevitable” press/PR machine. They’ve taken a break from explaining why the lunch meat Ted Cruz chooses for his sandwiches is a disruptive force in American politics to nitpicking Senator Paul’s every waking moment.

That still doesn’t take away from the fact that Hillary Clinton creeps a lot of people out. Many of them Democrats.



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