Hit by Russia Sanctions, Poland Urges U.S. to Allow Its 'Freedom Apples'

Poland expects to get hit hard by Russia’s yearlong ban on agricultural imports from Europe and the United States, and is appealing to the U.S. to help buy its apples.


Actually, the Polish Embassy in Washington has a catchy hashtag in hopes that the movement will catch on: #FreedomApples, a reference to the “freedom fries” of the Iraq War when France wouldn’t back the U.S.

According to the Moscow Times, more than 800 Polish companies exported apples to Russia but were stopped on Aug. 1 — killing a $400 million market for the biggest apple exporter in Europe.

Polish Ambassador Ryszard Schnepf appeals to Americans in a video with an empty apple basket.

Russia’s sanctions, Schnepf says, are “revenge” for their support of Ukraine. “This basket should be full. Full of fresh, delicious Polish apples. Unfortunately, the American market is closed to Polish fresh fruits.”

“Dear American friends: Please, join me in asking the U.S. government to open the doors for our Freedom Apples.”


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