Afghan Woman Kills Four Taliban in Two-Hour Battle

A story of bravery in the face of terrorism from Afghanistan’s TOLO News:

A woman in the province of Nuristan killed four Taliban members on Friday before being killed herself along with her toddler.

Abdul Baqi Nuristani, police commander in Nuristan, confirmed that the woman, whose name is Uzra, in fact killed four Taliban while defending herself and her toddler in the district of Barg Metal.

Nuristani said Uzra took up arms when a member of her family was killed by the Taliban. He said she fought with the insurgents for over two hours, killing four Talibs.

She was killed later in the battle along with her three-year-old toddler.


The region is along the border with Pakistan, and reports added that 16 members of one family were killed by the Taliban.

Uzra’s act of bravery is even more significant considering she battled a terrorist group that, when in control of Afghanistan before 9/11, treated women like less than human beings. A TOLO morning show recently reunited a 21-year-old man with his family; he went missing at age 6, but his mother was not allowed to go look for her child because that would have meant leaving the house without a male relative.


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