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Perry Gets a PAC

Run Rick, Run!

Texas governor and potential presidential contender Rick Perry took a familiar step that other White House hopefuls have taken recently: He set up a federal PAC.

Perry filed the paperwork for RickPAC with the Federal Election Commission. It was processed Thursday. PAC spokesman Mark Miner told Bloomberg News on Monday that the political action committee would help “elect Republicans to office who share the governor’s philosophy of low taxes, limited government, border security, and job creation.”

Perry has certainly been upping his visibility lately. His handling of the border children crisis has gotten him a lot of good press, something he will need a lot of to erase the public’s memories of his three poor debate performances in 2012. He was fantastic after those missteps but no one remembers that right now. There is also the fact that, despite MSM proclamations to the contrary, illegal immigration is a winning issue for Republicans, especially now that non-border states are getting a taste of what it is like.

As reboots go, conservatives would probably rather see Perry 2.0 than Romney 3.0.

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