The Creepiest Story About Government Replacing the Family That You'll Read Today

The federal government has allocated $10 million to build robot minders for our children. Or someone’s children.

The robots are being developed for the express purpose of messing with our kids’ minds.

The project will develop a “new breed of sophisticated ‘socially assistive’ robots,” designed to help children “learn to read, appreciate physical fitness, overcome cognitive disabilities, and perform physical exercises,” according to a news release by Yale University when the grant was first announced in 2012.

“Just like a good personal trainer, we want the robots to be able to guide the child toward a behavior that we desire,” said Brian Scassellati, a computer science professor at Yale and principal investigator for the study.


“…guide the child toward behavior that we (government bureaucrats) desire…”

Which you can bet means supporting Obamacare, thinking Barack Obama is the bestest president ever, being ever so tolerant of all things gay while being ever so disdainful of all traditional values, being open-minded to the Muslims while being closed to Christianity, opposed to ideas about strong national security, disbelief in American exceptionalism, disdain for support for Israel, soft like a metrosexual and of course against the Second Amendment. Robots against Republicans…

Plus, eat your veggies.

They’re coming to your local communities, eventually.

“What we want to do is move these robots out of the laboratory and into schools and homes and clinics, places where we can directly help children on a day-to-day basis,” he said.

The NSF grant said the project is necessary due to “critical societal problems.”

“The need for this technology is driven by critical societal problems that require sustained, personalized support that supplements the efforts of educators, parents, and clinicians,” the grant said.

Scassellati envisions the robots influencing nearly every aspect of children’s lives.


Of all the things government ought not be doing, building robots to “guide” kids has to be pretty high up on the list.


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