With Thousands of Little Kids Walking Across the Border, 'White House stands by claim that border security is stronger than ever'

America, you’re being gaslighted by an abusive, passive-aggressive manchild.

The White House is standing by a statement on its website claiming thatborder security is at its strongest in history even in the face of a spiraling border crisis in Texas.

Under the heading “border security” on the White House website’s section on President Obama’s immigration proposal, the whitehouse.gov website gives the president credit for having “doubled the number of Border Patrol agents,” saying “today border security is stronger than it ever has been.”

The White House says the statement is true despite the estimated 52,000 unattended children who have crossed the southwest border so far this year and the roughly 90,000 expected by fall.


The number is actually 57,000. It may reach 100,000 by the end of the fiscal year. It’s not slowing down.

Along with thousands of little kids, smugglers and others are getting across the border with ease.

Claiming that the border security is “stronger than ever” is absurd on its face.

It’s coming from the same man who openly mocked Republicans for wanting more border security, years ahead of the current surge.

He isn’t doing anything to slow it down now, other than mocking Republicans.

And shoot pool. While saying that he’s not interested in photo ops.

Even the lie about border security has lies nested within it.

“We’ve doubled the number of agents nationwide … more agents providing more eyes across the border. If you look at the boots on the ground on the Southwest border, there’s been a 95 percent increase since 2004.”

Critics argue that the first part of the White House website statement — that Obama is responsible for doubling the number of Border Patrol agents — is inaccurate because President George W. Bush is responsible for the majority of the sharp increase in border patrol agents over the last 10 years.

There are a total of 20,979 Border Patrol agents right now — not all of whom are deployed to the border, according to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency. In 2008, the last year of Bush’s presidency, there were 17,499 Border Patrol agents.


Speaker Boehner wants to know when Obama will take responsibility for something. Obama is in his 50s and has been president for more than half a decade.

He is what he is, and he isn’t going to suddenly morph into a law-abiding, respectful patriot. At best, Barack Obama will always be a cad.


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