President Obama: Not Interested in Photo Ops

[From Digitas Daily]

President Obama told reporters on Wednesday that he wasn’t interested in seeing the humanitarian crisis at the southern border for himself saying, “I’m not interested in photo ops, I’m interested in solving the problem.”


As everyone knows, President Obama never misses an opportunity to use human props for photo ops when he wants to exploit them to further his policy proposals. Michelle Malkin has a list of some of them here, including teachers, veterans, union members, and cancer patients. Red Alert Politics has another list that includes the president trotting out little children to push his gun control agenda as well as his use of the Minneapolis Police Department and U.S. troops to serve as backdrops for his photo ops. And who can forget that lovely scene in the White House Rose Garden when the president waxed poetic about those who have benefitted from Obamacare — surrounded by people who hadn’t actually benefitted from Obamacare.

Perhaps President Obama’s photo comment to reporters was meant to be ironic. Or comedic. It certainly wasn’t credible or serious.


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