Colorado's Democrat Gov Admits that His Anti-Gun Law is Worthless

Too little, too late?

Speaking to a gathering of sheriffs from across the state, Governor Hickenlooper said that he only signed the bill because a member of his staff had made a promise that he would do so. He claimed that they did not check all of the facts from the beginning because “no one in our office thought it would get through the legislature” and even went so far to say that the fact that not a single arrest has been made as a result of the law shows how “worthless”  it is.


That’s a lot of blame-shifting. Hickenlooper ran as a left-center Democrat and happily signed the anti-gun law when the Democrat-dominated legislature sent it to him. It was passed in the wake of Aurora and Newtown, at the behest of gun hypocrite Michael Bloomberg, yet the law was not designed to do anything to prevent similar situations from happening again. Like calls for more home gun storage legislation, a magazine limit is practically unenforceable. There are ways for bad guys to get around it, quite easily. Duct tape will do the job. Colorado’s law enforcement community rose up and opposed the law. Hickenlooper ignored them. He and his staff of career political staffers who want to be in Congress someday know better than sheriffs and cops.

Yet now Hickenlooper is blaming it all on a staffer (whom he does not name) and admits that he and his staff didn’t do their due diligence and check any facts before signing the law.

Well, thanks for that!

That’s government malpractice, of the kind the bequeathed Obamacare on an unwilling nation. Colorado was an unwilling state in this case; voters have kicked out some key Democrats in recalls and handed control to the Republicans.

That’s obviously not enough of a penalty. Hickenlooper remains in office. He’s only shifting around now because of the backlash and the threat to his job. He should face a much steeper threat than merely losing an election.


I’m increasingly of the mind that legislators and governors who do not read laws before passing or signing them ought to be impeached and put on trial, with prison time a possible outcome.

Such a law is no more or less enforceable than the idiotic magazine bans Democrats keep passing. But it sends the right signal and takes away a phony excuse. It would force them to invent a new lie or two.

These people want power over us. They just don’t want any responsibility for how they wield that power. Prison time could help focus their greedy minds.


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