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Idiot Marchers Against 'Big Money' In Politics Drone On Towards Sacramento

High functioning morons.

After reaching Merced on Wednesday, activists marching from Los Angeles to Sacramento to oppose “big money corruption” in political campaigns are scheduled to arrive in Turlock on Friday and then walk into Modesto on Saturday.

About two dozen marchers held signs and waved flags as part of the “480-mile March for Democracy,” a trek organized by 99Rise, a group “sick of seeing (American) democracy serve only the interests of the 1 percent,” according to its website.

Marchers oppose recent Supreme Court decisions such as Citizens United v FEC that removed limits on campaign donations. “It made the problem of money in politics much, much worse,” said Kai Newkirk, co-founder of 99Rise.

Allowing corporations to donate unlimited amounts of money gives them an uneven say in politics, he said, and flies in the face of the principal “one person, one vote.”

In a post from earlier today, I only semi-jokingly mentioned the eventual return of the Occupy commies. In reality, they’ve never gone away. It was always an astroturfed “movement” and there are pockets of it being kept active until the puppet masters need a bigger reboot (2016, maybe?).

The talking points are scripted, predictable, and full of more manure than a five acre lawn on fertilization day. In California, “big money” actually means the California Teachers Association, a vile, deep pocketed group that has been gleefully trying to send the state’s economy to Third World status for decades. It is an absolute joke to pretend that some nefarious corporation is signing checks willy-nilly and exerting more influence than the CTA. Yes, there are many public employee unions participating in the active destruction of the Golden State, but it is the CTA that makes them all dance.

Keep on marching, you well-trained chimps. Don’t call when you find that the unions don’t care about you either.