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Phony Narrative: Cantor Lost Because of Democrat Crossover

You wondered how some would explain this whipping.  This morning I had a comment at a post saying Democrats crossing over to vote against Eric Cantor cost Cantor the election.  I assumed it was a unsophisticated crank posting, until I saw Twitter echoing the same excuse.

Guess what — the Democrat crossover excuse can be proven if the data are there.  Virginia keeps voter history data.  Some of you reading this already have it.  It is easy to tell if motivated Democrats were crossing over to vote in the GOP primary.  Decide how many Democrat primaries a voter must vote in to be a “Democrat” before crossing over yesterday.  Let’s assume it’s just one.

Cantor lost by 8,000 votes out of 65,000.  That’s a lot of crossing over.

If you are one of those trying to spin the Cantor loss as a plot by Democrats, you better have the data.  How many voters participated yesterday that previously participated in a single Democrat primary?  How many participated in two?  Three?  I suspect it wasn’t anywhere near 8,000.  I’d be surprised if it was more than 100.  But Team Brat doesn’t have the burden of proof on this narrative, does he?

Until someone pushing the crossover narrative shows us data, this was an epic whipping driven by issues, not by Democrats.