Before the Big Announcement, Obama Got Blindsided by a Question About Shinseki. Let's Watch What Happened.

President Obama is accustomed to going on fluff news shows and answering fluff questions. So imagine his surprise when former NFL star Michael Strahan — whose father is a retired veteran — asked the president on Live! With Kelly and Michael about whether Shinseki would resign from the VA hours before the president was set to announce that Shinseki had resigned. That’s just not the kind of show where Obama gets asked anything more serious than “So, do you think the Spurs can finish Durant off this time?”


It takes Obama two full minutes to dance around the question, while feigning interest in being the head of the U.S. military. In his bloodless way, Obama looks like he’d rather slip out and tune into Sports Center. Of course, that’s pretty much always true of President Brackets.

h/t Mediaite


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