Mexican Drug Cartels to Texas Police: Silver or Lead

Silver or LeadLegacy media in the US isn’t dependable. This isn’t news. For big news, I go British. Any of the big dailies are factually reliable and the Daily Mail, she’s typo and fragment ridden, but she’s fast. So it came as no surprise when a friend in Louisiana posted a story from the Daily Mail about El Paso that should be Texas news but isn’t. I didn’t even find the KHOU story the Daily Mail took the video screenshots from. Obviously they did a story last night, but didn’t put it on their website.

Mexican drug cartels have vandalized two billboards in El Paso with hanging dummies and threats. One billboard translates to “Silver or Lead”. The message to the police: accept cartel bribes or die.
The second instance of vandalism had a more obtuse warning, but the theme ran through since the message was written on an existing Drug Enforcement Agency billboard.
The message was different this time, as the paint read: ‘Dying for drugs’ was written over a wanted poster calling for the capture of drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero.
This second mannequin was dressed in jeans rather than the suit and tie from the other instance.
The mannequins were a particularly jarring image for many familiar with the drug war, as some of the most violent drug lords south of the border regularly hang offenders off highway overpasses.
The DM report notes KHOU’s caution that anti-drug groups could have done the vandalism as a publicity stunt. Perhaps. In either case, threats to the police deserve more research and more coverage. The citizens of Texas shouldn’t have to get important local news from a website out of London.


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