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Wendy Davis Goes Hollywood

Wendy Davis is making excuses again. The Democrats’ candidate for governor of Texas — which is between New Mexico and Louisiana — went way out west to campaign in Hollywood. Why? Well, that’s where her supporters are.


Today Davis was asked why she was raising money in Hollywood to campaign for governor of Texas. This is her answer. It’s sad.

“At home, people say that while they may not have been born in Texas, they got there as fast as they could,” Davis said in a statement. “However, some people just couldn’t get there and love Texas so much that they’re sending their money instead.”

Hollywood’s elite could get to Texas if they want. They would rather put their money into a campaign that would turn prosperous Texas into bankrupt California. Texans are likely to see this as an attempt at a hostile takeover. Texans usually don’t respond to well to that sort of thing.

Davis’ reputation for being a one-issue candidate, with that issue being late-term abortion in substandard clinics performed by people who may not even have admitting privileges at local hospitals, followed her all the way to Hollywood. Signs like this one greeted her.

It’s not entirely fair to cast Davis as a one-issue candidate. She has two. There’s the late-term abortion issue that made her famous. And there’s how she has used her position in government to slide large piles of public money in her direction.

So, two issues.

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