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The 'Paycheck Fairness Act' Isn't About Paychecks Or Fairness

It’s about control.

Republican lawmakers have said that given existing anti-discrimination laws, the legislation is redundant and is a transparent attempt by Democrats to distract from President Obama’s much-criticized health care law.

Supporters of the bill, called the Paycheck Fairness Act, say it would bring transparency to worker pay by making it illegal for employers to penalize employees who discuss their salaries and by requiring the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to collect pay information from employers.


I don’t say this often (and yes, I’ve checked my temperature-no fever) but kudos to the Senate Republicans for not chasing this ridiculous squirrel from the Dem emo-panderers.

This piece of ridiculousness does nothing but put yet another suffocating layer of redundant regulation and do nothing to shrink the largely mythological gender pay gap.

Every time a Democrat starts belching talking points about income inequality a Republican should counter with, “Are you worried about that now because everyone has to pay twice as much for health insurance thanks to you?”

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