The Left's Strange New Love Affair With George Herbert Walker Bush

I just find this rather…odd.

As we noted here last week, the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation is about to give 41 an award. Now the New York Times shows up with what passes for a love letter to a Republican for them.


Many of us respect the elder President Bush because he is a war hero and a decent man but aren’t often caught waxing nostalgic about his presidency. We are especially not fond of the fact that his reelection loss unleashed the Clinton hell that we are still suffering through, at least until Elizabeth Warren beats Hillary in the 2016 Democratic primary.

It would appear that all a Republican president has to do to receive a fair assessment from leftists is raise taxes and get out of office. That will garner praise like this:

On the other side of that argument is Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa, who ran for the Democratic nomination to challenge Mr. Bush in 1992. “I know they’re building statues of Ronald Reagan at airports,” Mr. Harkin said, “but in terms of their lives and their life’s work, to me, Bush 41 is much more integral to the development of American government and the process of democracy.”

Go ahead, re-read it, that’s not a misprint.

That’s so nonsensical Harkin should skip the reunion in College Station and check himself in for a psych evaluation.

Maybe they’re just trying to soften things up and hope history doesn’t recognize Jimmy Carter as an unmitigated disaster.

Or maybe they just really like taxes and hate Ronald Reagan.


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