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Cop Pulls Gun on Kids for Building a Tree Fort

A woman in Henry County, Georgia called 911 because she saw some fifth graders building a tree fort in their own neighborhood. Why she called police has not been explained. What happened next may be unexplainable.

A police officer showed up and forced the boys to stop — at gunpoint. The police officer was reportedly shouting profanity at the boys while he aimed his gun at them and forced them to the ground. WSB-TV reported on the insane incident.

Storyleak adds:

Police arrived on scene to find 11-year-old Omari Grant and his friends playing in a small patch of trees, prompting at least one officer to reportedly draw his firearm and force the boys to the ground.

“I was thinking that I don’t want to be shot today, so I just listened to what they said,” Grant said.

This kid has just been taught to fear the police as a first response. He says he is now hesitant to even play outside in his own neighborhood.

Edgar Dillard, whose wife made the 911 call, was reportedly stunned to hear of the neighbor boys’ encounter with police.

“Yeah, that’s pretty shocking to hear that a gun was pulled on a child,” Dillard said.

Why did she call 911 on a bunch of kids playing?

The incident is under investigation. The police department has not released the identity of the officers involved.