NFL to Allow 'Seat Visits' by Cheerleaders. What Can Go Wrong?

At first I thought this must be an April Fool’s joke, but the date is wrong for that — the story came out March 31. And it’s…interesting.


The National FootballLeagues has partnered with an app developer that will allow fans to get an in-seat visit from cheerleaders.

Sports Business Journal reports the NFL has teamed up with Experience in an effort to help improve the in-game experience for fans. On top of having cheerleaders visit fans in their seats, the app will allow fans the opportunity to upgrade their seats and also allowing them to be on the field before the game.

I don’t know about this. But I do know that I blame/credit Jerry Jones.

When Cowboys Stadium debuted in 2009, it edged the NFL cheerleader’s tasks just a bit farther from the family experience that the NFL says it wants. Cheerleaders dance up in little stages/cages on one of the field during Cowboys games.


That got one-uppped by the app, which is going across the whole league this coming season.

Now we’ll have “seat visits.” Plus flowing alcohol. And in some states, maybe, pot smoking.

I don’t know about this…


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