Adorable: Think Progress Is Still Pretending Wendy Davis Is A Thing

I kept hearing Hopelessly Devoted To You in the back of my head while reading this.

It’s one thing to cover Wendy Davis because she’s a train wreck but it’s just kind of sad to watch the Leftmedia babble on about her. The poor dears spend all of their time in the Manhattan/DC media bubble and don’t understand that this Texas gubernatorial election is going to happen on Planet Earth. It’s difficult to tell if the following quote is wishful thinking or evidence of head trauma:


Women voters could very well mean the difference in who wins the Texas election, since Texas women make up a majority of the Texas electorate, are more likely to vote Democratic, and are steadily abandoning Republicans.

It’s as if they truly believe that if they wish really, really hard the Texas electorate will morph into something completely different over night.

This piece goes on and on about the “wage gap” while completely ignoring the gap in the polls, all of which consistently give Abbott a double-digit lead.


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