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#AskWendy What Is Wendy Davis Doing in Florida with Charlie Crist?

We have a couple of photos that will be of interest to Texas voters. While ethical questions about Wendy Davis’ debt-creating bond work continue to swirl in Texas, the senator herself turned up at an event in Key West, Florida with the disgraceful turncoat Charlie Crist.



Notice the man with Davis, and his shirt.


The photos come from this Instagram page and are dated today. The man in the photo with both Davis and Crist tweets that the photos were taken today.

Good question. Davis isn’t saying. Sick of being in Texas, which she recently described as “toxic?” Does her campaign still think voters “across the country” will help her win the Lone Star State?


Whatever Davis is doing with Crist, she isn’t highlighting it on social media but her Twitter feed is launching ridiculous attacks on Greg Abbott.

Davis’ own office pays women less than men. So does President Obama’s White House. Both are aware of the situation, because it has been brought before them, and neither have changed it. If Abbott is breaking any laws, so are Wendy Davis and Barack Obama.

How dishonest do you have to be to launch an attack like this?

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