Report: Target Ignored Multiple Warning Signs About Security Breach

Well, that’s comforting.

Target Corp missed multiple opportunities to thwart the hackers responsible for the unprecedented holiday shopping season data breach, U.S. Senate staffers charged in a committee report released on Tuesday.

There was no indication the No. 3 U.S. retailer responded to warnings that malware was being installed on Target’s system. Other automated warnings the company ignored revealed how the attackers would carry data out of Target’s network, according to the report.

“This analysis suggests that Target missed a number of opportunities along the kill chain to stop the attackers and prevent the massive data breach,” according to the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee report.


There is a Target I shop at frequently, almost always paying in cash. Twice during the security breach I used my card. This, combined with an identity theft attempt last year (someone hijacked my card and ordered stuff from Victoria’s Secret-I get catalogs now) has me overhauling my use of debit and credit cards. If Amazon screws up, I’m going to the barter system.

Target’s stock price began to recover from the security breach news last month. This news could send it in the other direction.


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