Bipartisan Effort To Export Natural Gas To Europe


Calls to begin U.S. natural gas exports to Europe to counter Russian influence across the continent grew louder Tuesday amid concerns that Russia will move deeper into Ukraine.

Lithuania’s energy minister, Jaroslav Neverovic, pleaded in emotional terms for U.S. help, saying his country is “100 percent” dependent on Russia for natural gas and has to pay 30 percent higher prices for it than other countries in Europe.

“This is not just unfair, this is abuse,” Neverovic told the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

Lawmakers from both parties used the hearing to urge the Obama administration to speed up natural gas exports as a hedge against the possibility that Russia could cut off its supply of gas to Ukraine and other countries.


Team Lightbringer is always slow to move on anything involving natural gas because it is beholden to the insane hippies from Big Green and their misinformation campaign about fracking.

It should be noted that the president was a big fan of natural gas production during the 2012 election whenever he campaigned in a state that benefited financially from it. You would have thought he invented fracking then.


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