Yes, Please: Testing the Waters, Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep to Visit New Hampshire

Hey, he’s made it this far.

Vice President Joe Biden, who is keeping his options open for the 2016 presidential election, will visit the early voting state of New Hampshire on Tuesday.

The vice president’s office said Biden will hold an event in Nashua highlighting “workforce development and the value of on-the-job training opportunities”.

New Hampshire holds the nation’s first presidential primary and is a regular stop for aspiring candidates.

Biden has expressed interest in running in 2016 in the race to choose a successor to President Barack Obama but is said to be waiting to see whether Democrat Hillary Clinton decides to run.


As the only man to be both a heartbeat away from the presidency and require a Secret Service advance team to remove any small parts from toys that can be a choking hazard, Biden plows through life blissfully unaware of just what an idiotic tool he really is. So why not run for president?

I would like nothing better than to see this loon muddy the 2016 waters for the Democrats and poke holes in “Inevitable Hillary” nonsense.

Let’s take those training wheels off, little Joey!


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