Ukraine Fears Further Russian Invasion

It’s a reasonable fear, given the fact that this is Russia we’re talking about.

GENEVA (Reuters) – Russia may be preparing a further military incursion to Ukrainian territory, Ukraine’s ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva told U.N. diplomats on Thursday.

“There are indications that Russia is on its way to unleash a full blown military intervention in Ukraine’s east and south,” ambassador Yurii Klymenko said at a briefing on the human rights situation in Ukraine.

But a Russian diplomat in Geneva immediately dismissed Klymenko’s warning.

“Russia would never invade east and south Ukraine,” the diplomat, adding that President Vladimir Putin had said as much in a televised speech on Tuesday.


Yeah, well, the Russians suggested that they wouldn’t invade Crimea. Then they invaded Crimea.

I hate to break the news to everyone, but unless you are an Islamist-tinged militia going up against a secular dictator in your own country, you can expect no help from the Obama administration. The current American administration will lead from behind in Libya against the likes of Gaddafi and it will advocate for action in Syria against Assad. It will tell an Egyptian dictator allied to America that his time is up, making way for a brief Muslim Brotherhood takeover there. But when it comes to saving a sovereign, more or less democratic state that wants to join NATO, well, they’re on their own.

That’s probably also true for Taiwan, by the way. It may be true for all of our allies, NATO and otherwise. Let’s hope Putin doesn’t decide to test that.

The fact is, Russia probably needs eastern Ukraine to shore up its ability to supply Crimea, which is now part of Russia. So, eastern Ukraine is very likely to have soldiers in unmarked uniforms, sporting new Russian weapons, on its soil before long.



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