#SXSW14 Future and Weird Tech

Along with being one of the country’s largest film and music festivals, SXSW is one of the world’s largest technology trade shows.

This panorama of the trade show floor gives some idea of the scope of the place. Click on it to enlarge.



Wearable tech is one of this year’s themes. Items like these glasses at the Epson booth are here now and may be coming to your home soon.


They may not seem like much, but the wearer sees his social media feeds displayed off to the left and right edges of the lenses, far enough off to the edges that you can watch a movie without the virtual feeds getting in the way. If you see a tweet or Facebook post that you’d like to take a closer look at, you just reach out and grab it in virtual space and move it to the middle of your field of view to see it. When you’re done with it, flick it back off to the edge to clear your view.

More wearable tech. This Ring sports bluetooth technology. It uses gestures for control, like writing in air. Wearers can use it to control just about anything that has bluetooth — your phone, appliances, anything.



These developers from Japan brought their Skeletonics exoskeleton gear. Less than $50k and you can have your own robotic exoskeleton.




These guys were singing about something. I have no idea what. The implications of their tagline are…not good.



The URB-E is an electric vehicle. Prototypes of them were pretty popular on the street in front of the convention center.



They fold up to a tiny size. They’re intended to help commuters get around dense urban environments. They’ll probably help lawyers build personal injury lawsuits, too. But they’re fun to zip around on.

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