Cruz Tells CPAC: Win by Standing for Principle

It’s fair to say that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) is already having a good CPAC. Ealier today, he was mobbed in a good way.



In his CPAC address, Cruz outlined what Republicans should do to win back the Senate and win the hearts and minds of Americans young and old.

“Let’s look back at the past four elections, 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2012,” Cruz said. “The only election we won was 2010, when we stood unequivocally for principle….Who are the most two people who have energized young people? Ronald Reagan and Ron Paul. What did they do? They painted a bold picture of what America can do…. You win elections by standing for principles and believing that there is a better tomorrow.

“How do we inspire people? Number one we tell the truth…. The truth is Washington is corrupt. You are in some of the richest counties in the country. As more and more people make great wealth in Washington, young people, single moms, and small business owners suffer…. Real change is changing the corruption that is here in Washington, D.C.”

Cruz also addressed how President Obama, whom younger Americans propelled into the presidency in 2008, has hurt America’s rising generations.


“Under President Obama, the American Dream is harder to achieve…. If you were to sit down and hammer the living daylights out of young people, you couldn’t do better than the Obama Administration. Obamacare is a massive wealth transfer. And who the heck is going to pay for our national debt?

“We need to stop bankrupting our country. What we’re doing to our kids and grandkids is morally wrong. If we don’t change course, they will be left working to pay off the debts their parents left them with. We need to turn this around.”

Cruz also addressed the need to repeal Obamacare, unleash American energy production, expand school choice and abolish the scandal-plagued IRS.


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