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Where Were Wendy Davis's Voters?

[Contributor Mark Stuertz passes this along:]

When Texas State Senator Wendy Davis shot onto the national scene with her famous filibuster against abortion restrictions, she instantly became a media sensation and a ruling class cultural icon. She was the leading edge of an inevitable paradigm shift that would transform Texas from red to blue.


But a funny thing happened on the way to the ballot box. The Wendy fetish among our national elites didn’t spread to the electorate. Davis garnered just 432,025 votes or 79.05 percent of a total 546,480 votes cast in the Democratic gubernatorial primary.

That compares to Gregg Abbott’s haul of 1,219,831 votes or 91.50 percent of 1,333,010 total votes cast in the Republican primary. Abbott racked up nearly three times Davis’ vote total in a race that was generally considered a foregone conclusion. That translates to a statewide gubernatorial turnout of 4.01 percent for the Democrats, and 9.8 percent for the Republicans. So much for pink running shoes enthusiasm.

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