Will There Be a War in Ukraine This Weekend?

Russian troops are moving about Crimea, as the Russians have now admitted.

The Russian foreign ministry has admitted that armoured units from the Black Sea Fleet base near Sevastopol had entered Crimea in order to protect fleet positions.

“The Ukrainian side was also passed a note regarding the movement of armoured vehicles of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Crimea, which is happening in full accordance with the foundation Russian-Ukrainian agreements on the Black Sea Fleet,” the ministry said in a statement posted on its website on Friday afternoon.

In the same note the Russian foreign ministry said it had declined a Ukrainian request for “bilateral consultations” on events in Crimea because they are “the result of recent internal political processes in Ukraine.”


The Russians had already kicked off a military exercise just outside Ukraine that caught everyone by surprise.

Ukraine’s interim government says the Russians aren’t just moving around outside the base, but are occupying Crimea’s airports.

US Secretary of State John Kerry, fresh from insisting that the Ukraine situation is not in fact a boxing movie, says he has been assured by the Russians that they’re not bent on violating Ukraine’s sovereignty. Raise your hand if you’re reassured by that.


It also looks like President Obama has handed Joe Biden another “s*** job.”



With John Kerry and Joe Biden leading our diplomacy in a situation that’s looking less like the Cold War and more like the Sudetenland, what can go wrong? It’s not like one of the two built his career on smearing America, and the other hasn’t been right about any foreign policy dispute in the past 30 years…



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