Apparently Greg Abbott Needs Democrats' Permission to go to Lubbock (Update: You Won't Believe This)

I read a lot of dumb stories featuring ridiculous faux outrage everyday. But this one…it stands out in a sea of ridiculous faux outrage.

Gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott was met by supporters at the Jimenez Bakery and Restaurant on Tuesday, Feb. 25, but Hispanic community leaders are calling the campaign stop “offensive” just a day later.

“The approach being taken by the Texas Republican Party towards the Hispanic community is beyond any sense of decency,” said Victor Hernandez, local city councilman and chairman of the local Tejano Democrats chapter. “The caustic behavior being exhibited by the Texas Republican Party is creating a schism that will be difficult, if not impossible, to mend, both in the short term and most definitely in the long term.”


Wait, so you’re telling me that a Democrat has a problem with something a Republican did? Well, how do you like that? I’m shocked.

Hernandez condemned what he called the “piñata politics” Abbott’s campaign used in hosting the news conference at a local Mexican food restaurant in an effort to illustrate the Lubbock Latino support for the Abbott campaign.

Piñata politics? What does that even mean? It sounds racist.

“Greg Abbott came into our house uninvited, wanting to somehow give the illusion that the Lubbock County Hispanic community is supportive,” he said.

Abbott wasn’t in anybody’s house. It was a bakery. Mr. Tejano Democrat Victor Hernandez doesn’t own it. He has no authority to sound off on who’s in it and who’s not.

Yeah, I get it — he was being figurative about the “house” bit. Because Lubbock is such a Democrat stronghold, I guess.

Whatever. Democrats in this state have become caricatures of clowns reciting lines that other clowns from some other state wrote for them.

After tossing up some warmed-over Battleground Texas talking points, Hernandez continued.

“If you want to come into my house, the first thing you have to do is to see me — see me as a person, see me as a human being, see me as a fellow Texan,” he said. “See the Hispanic community as anything, anything other than a problem to be dealt with or worse yet, to be dismissed.”

Not your house. No one needs your partisan permission.


The rest of the story follows the usual Democratmedia storyline: Republicans bad, Republicans badder, Republicans so bad they ought not be allowed to live.

It’s all tiresome.

Update: It turns out that Mr. Hernandez’s behavior was even worse than reported. A source tells me that in addition to the screeds above, he launched a personal attack on Abbott’s family. Cecilia Abbott, the attorney general’s wife of 31 years, is Hispanic. A source tells me that Hernandez callously dismissed her as a “prop.”

Is this how Democrat activists are going to behave? Are personal attacks on family members like this acceptable to Wendy Davis?



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