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Three West Virginia Day Care Centers Forced to Shut Down, Obamacare Among the Causes

The Obama administration claims that there is no evidence of job loss due to Obamacare. They will continue to claim that, despite the fact that things like this keep happening. WVAH-TV reports that Obamacare has contributed to the reasons that three West Virginia daycare centers have to shut down.

Reporter Jenifer McAndrews: Today, scores of parents will have to start looking for a new daycare. Three Kanawha County daycare centers will be closing soon. The daycare centers are at the Capital Complex, Shawnee, and Elk Center schools. The county says they’re too expensive to operate and have been losing $65,000 since the beginning of the school year. The buildings are in major need of repairs, too. And there are concerns about added costs because of the Affordable Care Act. Parents impacted by the closures are frustrated and now worried about waiting list to get their child into another daycare.

I wonder, will some of these parents have to quit a job because they’ve lost their daycare?