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Make It Stop: 29% Of American Adults Under 35 Live With Parents

(h/t Protein Wisdom)

The hits just keep on coming.

A new survey shows that 29% of U.S. adults under age 35 are living at home with their parents, while 51% of those between 18 and 23 are living at home.

In addition, 14% of Americans between the ages 24 and 34 — a time when most people are establishing their independence — are also still living at home with mom and dad.

The Gallup survey found that some of the most likely reasons for a person under 35 to still reside with his parents are being single, unemployed or underemployed, and not having graduated from college.

One of the questions I don’t hear asked about this situation is what the long term consequences on the parents will be? These can’t all be financially comfortable people. Many are most likely single parents. If this is just indicative of recent difficult economic times, it’s one thing. However, with no real end to this nightmare in sight (unless you’re still an Obama cheerleader and in The Land Of Make Believe) this can’t be a very tenable situation for many of these parents. And now we’re not even talking about the under 26 crowd but…UNDER 35?!?!?

There are many things happening here in the Hope and Change era that are becoming normal but shouldn’t be. This didn’t bother me as much at first but these occurrences seem to be taking on an avalanche quality now.