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Ron Fournier Gets It Wrong Again

Wednesday night, the National Journal’s Ron Fournier appeared on Megyn Kelly’s Fox show. Fournier came out of the media closet this week, and admitted to being tired of defending Obamacare.

On Kelly’s show, Fournier continued the newfound criticism of the president he recently defended with a disgusting play of the race card.

Kelly went through, in detail, how the Obama White House keeps moving around and changing not just the Obamacare law, but its own definitions of what would make the law successful. The Obama White House is lying about the law that it lied to pass, to make its obvious failure look something like success.

“[W]e saw the president in his O’Reilly interview, talking about that nonsense Medicaid number, he’s making up numbers, he is giving the law credit for getting all these people on Medicaid, query whether that credit is deserved. But in any event, those numbers have been discredited by fact-checkers across the country. They continue to say them. They say 3.3 million Americans have enrolled now in the state exchange and the federal exchange. That’s not true. We don’t know how many have enrolled,” Kelly said.

Fournier replied: “It’s my biggest problem with this White House and with politics in Washington in general is they assume people are dumb and that they’re not going to get beyond the spin and find out what’s really happening. The fact of the matter is they said they needed to get to 7 million. Now they’re saying, ‘No, no, no, we weren’t talking about 7 million.’ They were.”

Fournier still can’t see that he is part of the problem. Until this week, he defended Obamacare. Until this week, across the years in which it was obvious that Obama and the Democrats were lying about what the law would do and across the months in which Obamacare’s implementation was an obvious failure, Fourner defended the law, even though a majority of the American people always opposed it. He even dropped the race card on Republicans when the CBO issued its report on Obamacare’s impact on work. Using the race card where it doesn’t belong is one of the laziest, most disgraceful tactics in politics and journalism. Fournier did that a week ago.

The problem is not, as Fournier says, that the Obama White House assumes people are dumb. The Obama White House does assume that, but that’s not the larger problem. The larger problem is that the Obama White House assumes that Fournier and most of his colleagues are such shameless shills for the Democrats that they will help Democrats smear Republicans while lying to cover up their own corruption, dishonesty and failures. The problem is that the Democrats can assume that Fournier and his colleagues will be reliable lickspittles for Democrats year in and year out, without fail, no matter what. The problem is that the Democrats can assume that Fournier and his colleagues have no scruples about being partisans while claiming to be fair and unbiased. The problem is that the Democrats know that they own the corrupt national media, and can therefore do just about anything they want. The Democrats assume that Fournier and his colleagues will look for a way to blame Republicans first.

The problem is that the Democrats are nearly always right in their assumptions about how the media will protect them and hurl baseless charges at Republicans. And that still includes Ron Fournier.