Cuomo Aide Waves Gun at Foreign Delegation, Gets Get Out Of Jail Free Card

Jerome Hauer is an aide to New York’s famously intolerant and anti-gun Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo appointed Hauer in 2011.

Last October, Hauer reportedly waved a 9 mm Glock pistol around, using its sight as a laser pointer during a presentation. The laser even traced across the head of a Swedish foreign delegate who attended the presentation.


That’s an incredibly unsafe thing to do, and it brought attention to the fact that Hauer has been bringing the pistol to work since Gov. Cuomo hired him. That’s a violation of the state’s strict gun laws, which forbid state employees from carrying their guns to work.

Hauer has also suffered a stroke in the past, which renders him unsteady on his feet at times.

Reporters asked about Hauer and his gun. Cuomo refused to answer.

Now, Hauer has been granted a waiver that allows him to carry the pistol.


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