Private Equity Firm Invests Heavily in Paula Deen Comeback

Good for her.

Paula Deen has been given the chance at a comeback after a private investment firm has awarded her up to $100million that will include a contract to sell her goods in Skymall magazines.

The disgraced celebrity chef announced that she has moved all of her business project under the purview of one parent company, and that company has just found a major investor.

The new company, called Paula Deen Ventures, announced Wednesday that private-equity firm Najafi Companies is investing
$75million to $100million to help Deen make a comeback.


Deen’s punishment far exceeded her decades-old “crime” and she did seem genuinely remorseful. This is probably a wise investment, as her fans who thought she was railroaded by the Food Network will more than likely line up to purchase her products.


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