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DC Man Faces Trial for Having a Shotgun Shell that Doesn't Work. His Name Is Not David Gregory.

Mark Witaschek of Washington, DC faces a hearing today in a trial that began in July 2012. At that time, police raided his home, using a battering ram to crash into a bathroom where Witaschek’s son was taking a shower. Police ransacked the home and came away with an inoperable shotgun shell that Witaschek says he kept from a hunting trip a few years earlier. Aware of Washington’s strict gun laws, he says he doesn’t keep any guns in his home in the city at all.

The raid apparently was part of a divorce proceeding, but Witaschek says that police have never told him what they were looking for or why they raided his home. Police have not told him anything despite there having been several hearings in the trial. Witaschek could face stiff fines and even jail time.

Newsman David Gregory faced no legal action when he brandished a gun magazine on his NBC show. That show is shot in Washington, and the magazine he held was illegal in the city. Despite the fact that Gregory clearly committed a crime that was recorded on video, Washington police did not pursue any criminal charges against him.