Yet Another Anti-Fracking Study Bumps Into Reality

Tough times for the fracking deniers.

Research claiming that hydraulic fracturing — fracking — causes increased cancer risks and birth defects have been discredited by Colorado state public health officials.

The researchers with the Colorado School of Public Health cited “minuscule” statistical differences and ignored other factors in producing a report on the negative side effects of fracking, according to a statement released by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment on Thursday.

“It is difficult to draw conclusions from this study, due to its design and limitations,” Dr. Larry Wolk, CDPHE’s chief medical officer, said. “We appreciate continuing research about possible public health implications that may be associated with oil and gas operations in Colorado.


Anti-fracking “studies” keep getting debunked, largely because most of them are op-eds masquerading as research. Meanwhile, fracking keeps doing the things that The Idiot King doesn’t seem to be able to: create jobs and economic growth.

No wonder the prog loons hate it.


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