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VIDEO: Obama's Nominee to be Ambassador to China Admits that He Is No Expert on China

To be fair, Sen. Max Baucus wasn’t an expert on healthcare either. That didn’t stop him from writing Obamacare. How’s that working out?

China is kind of an important country. It holds a massive share of our debt, it’s the rising rival in Asia, it may yet got to war with Japan over some islands that both countries claim. Or it could invade Taiwan. Too bad Obama couldn’t find someone to serve as our ambassador there who knows a little bit about the place.

Baucus is the second Obama ambassadorial nominee to turn in an embarrassing confirmation hearing performance this month. The president’s pick to represent America in Norway, George James Tsunis, revealed that he doesn’t really know the first thing about Norway in his hearing last week.

Maybe they can both learn on the job, as Barack Obama has been learning how to be an executive on the job since 2009. How’s that working out?