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Don't Worry, Young Americans, Piers Morgan Will Rush to Your Defense with His Lantern Jaw, His Armani Suit and His Diamond Cufflinks

Dumbest tweet of the year? Well, it’s only January.

This is an example of a suspected fool removing all doubt by opening his mouth, or hitting “tweet.”

Piers Morgan is an ageist. He is stereotyping an entire group of people, and proposing to punish them, because of their age and because a very small number of them did terrible things.

He would not approach the violence in Chicago with a similarly sweeping judgement. Because the vast majority of the authors of that violence are not only young, most of them are not white. Chances are, they also did not obtain their guns in ways that involve background checks.

About half of all the members of the US military are under 25 years of age. Police officers also usually start their careers at age 21 or so.

Do you want to disarm them, Piers?