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Kim Jong Un: Serious You Guys, I Didn't Execute My Wife!

Once you use your powers as dictator to kill one member of your family, people just assume you’re offing everyone that hasn’t been seen in public for a while.

North Korea yesterday put paid to rumours that its “Dear Leader” has had his wife bumped off.

Speculation was rife after dictator Kim Jong-un’s missus Ri Sol-Ju had not been seen for several weeks.

It followed a dramatic purge which saw ruthless Jong-un order the execution of his uncle.

But yesterday the secretive Communist state broadcast video footage of the stony-faced 30-year-old tyrant arm-in-arm with Ri at a parade to mark Monday’s second anniversary of the death of his father Kim Jong-Il.

Don’t they all look giddy in this photo captured only by Kim’s official photographer. Kim has that photo policy in common with Barack Obama.



It’s probably just the faded color of their uniforms, but some of those generals look like Fathead standuppers.