NYC Mayor-Elect Leaves White House Meeting Stoked About Future of Progressivism

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After talking to our “centrist” president

Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio went down to Washington, D.C. today to meet with President Barack Obama, emerging emboldened that a “progressive movement” was sweeping the nation.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, which includuded 15 other newly-elected mayors, Mr. de Blasio said it was clear to him that the fight against inequality–which formed the centerpiece of his campaign–was gaining steam far beyond the five boroughs.


Like all Progressives, he’s a delusional idiot. They are, however, politically well-organized delusional idiots.

“So what we have to do is organize it and amplify it,” he told Politicker.

“It was very interesting: a lot of them talked about pre-K, a lot of them talked about early childhood education as one of the breakthrough things we have to do to change the dynamics.”

I devoted an entire chapter in my new ebook to this concerted effort by Progressives to get to our kids as early as possible. Progressivism only takes strong root with brainwashed younger people. The Left has had a stranglehold on universities in the U.S. for decades but they need to work on the kids at a younger age. That’s the real reason they are so bitterly opposed to school choice, even though it would improve the lives of the at-risk inner-city youth they always pretend to care about. They can’t lose the indoctrination factories.


Progressives always say they want to do things for the children when in reality they want to do things to the children.

And that’s one of the many reasons they need to be stopped.


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