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VIDEO -- Probably the Second Worst Obamacare Ad You'll Ever See

Obamacare is not only a terrible policy that threatens millions’ healthcare, kills jobs and threatens state budgets. It’s the source for some awful art of the state. Celebrities are lining up again to promote this beast, “sexiest man alive” Adam Levine being the latest to sign-on. His whole life has been a bachelor party, and now the president wants him to tell us how to live.

Covered California has pushed out its own art of the state — this ad featuring some guy impersonating Barack Obama while he raps. If an Obama critic did this, MSNBC would denounce it for the next 25 years. Or until they go with a 24/7 prison documentary format.

But it’s a supporter. So it’s cool.

As bad as this is, Oregon’s creepy Obamacare ads still has it beat.