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Mickey Kaus, and the Triumph of the Shills

Mickey Kaus says that Obamacare needs a “doohickey” — a way for socially conscious millennials to show their friends that they’re good Obamacare citizens.

What the Affordable Care Act’s panicked marketers need, it seems, is some kind of badge, doohickey, ribbon, amulet or distinctive coloration that those who’ve bought overpriced Obamacare policies can display to tell their peers they’ve done the right thing. Wear a plexor in your lapel? A blue ribbon around your wrist? Dye your thumb red? Maybe kausfilesreaders have some ideas for what this viral welfare state MacGuffin might be. Please submit your designs and proposals to [email protected]

Just in the past week, we’ve learned of the White House Youth — a summit for Americans 18 to 35 at the White House, that was all about selling Obamacare.

We’ve had the results of the heinous “sing Obamacare’s praises” song and video contest. Ordinary Americans, competing for the government’s favor by praising a specific, partisan, unpopular government program.

So we have a burgeoning national youth movement organized by the government, and we have official hymns of that movement. Write a hymn and the government might grant you favor. It happened to Erin McDonald.

We also have any army of government-approved, but not vetted, acolytes spreading out across the nation, taking up citizens’ personal information in the drive to help them “navigate” Obamacare’s twisted legalese landscape.

If you do not obey Obamacare’s diktats, you face the wrath of the state. Some who have publicly criticized Obamacare are already facing the wrath of the state. The IRS is auditing them.

Now Kaus says we need a symbol, a doohickey — a badge to identify who is and isn’t a good Obamacare citizen now too?

At the risk of going all Godwin, haven’t we seen all this before?

Fine, you don’t like the obvious reference to the Third Reich. It’s creepy. I get that.

You know what’s even more creepy? What Obamacare’s supporters are suggesting and doing. It’s all very creepy.

Obamacare doesn’t need a badge. It’s needs to be abolished and it’s possible that its most ardent supporters need to be deprogrammed.