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Obama Admin Rolls Out a Second Obamacare Delay on JFK's Anniversary

I think I’m all out of rage for today. Just done. As Ron Burgundy sang on Conan the other night, I’m just working for the weekend.

While the media and the nation paused to remember a fallen president, the current president quietly announced yet another illegal delay in his signature failure.

With the rollout of President Obama’s health care law plagued by technological problems, the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services announced on Friday that the administration is extending the date for individuals to enroll in health care plans.

As things stood prior to the announcement, individuals who wanted to be covered by Jan. 1 had to pick a plan by Dec. 15. That date has now been pushed back to Dec. 23, CMS spokeswoman Julie Bataille announced on a conference call.

This is another strong signal that won’t be working well by the end of November, two months after the site launched. The nation that sent a humans to the moon now cannot even build a website that works.

The illegal delay gives the Obama administration more time to fiddle with its craptacular website, but leaves the insurance industry less time process applications for coverage that will come in, and it will leave Americans who apply for coverage less time to get their payments in. If they’re foolish enough to use the unsecured to send in their payments, and if the payment part of the site is actually working by then, and if identity thieves don’t turn their trust for government into trips to Acapulco and runs on Jared jewelry, then that processing time may not matter as much. But if they go the snail mail route and send a check, well, the USPS will be dealing with the Christmas crush. So HHS just added an Obamacare crush to that.

But none of that matters to them. Accommodating facts on the ground just isn’t the Obama administration’s strong suit.