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Democrat Rep. Lloyd Doggett Still Promises 'If you like your healthcare, you can keep it'

On October 1, 2013, Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) published a press release on his website extolling Obamacare. debuted that same day. In the penultimate paragraph, Doggett seeks to reassure constituents who already have health insurance that Obamacare would not hurt them.

What if you already have health insurance? If you already have coverage through your employer, Medicare, TRICARE, or some other source, you can keep that insurance and you are not required to buy additional coverage.

Six weeks later, that promise has been exposed as hollow and still does not work. It’s not expected to be fully functional by the Obama administration’s self-imposed deadline at the end of November. So far just 3,000 Texans have enrolled in Obamacare, a law that the majority of Texans oppose. About 5 million Americans have been notified that Obamacare will cost them their health insurance, and many of those will find that the plan they are now forced to buy will cost more and cover less.

Doggett strongly supported Obamacare when Congress passed it in 2010.

Today, Doggett was among the 153 Democrats who voted against a fix that would have force President Obama and Rep. Doggett to keep their word.

Now, state GOPs and RNC — you have a cookie-cutter post/press release you can use to go after every single Democrat who voted against the Upton bill.