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VIDEOS -- 'The website itself is doing a lot of stuff' and Other Great Moments in Barack Obama's Presidency

President Barack Obama delivered a press conference today to unveil his “fix” for Obamacare. He came across as a random guy who just happened to wander into a presidential press conference: confused and confusing, meandering, incoherent, not well-informed, and slow on the draw when confronted with a difficult question.

He also said quite a few silly things. Take his answer to why isn’t working: The website is “doing a lot of stuff.”

The tech-savvy president who once compared using his healthcare plan and website to shopping on Amazon, and who has compared rolling out his policy to Apple rolling out a new iPhone, now says that shopping for insurance will not be like shopping on iTunes.

Obama tried blaming the government shutdown, which had absolutely nothing to do with the botched rollout of

But the president assured America that he, personally, is not stupid enough to roll out a website that he knows doesn’t work. His staff is, but he hasn’t fired any of them.

Barack Obama isn’t too insulated among his yes men and women to know that his own policy is a disaster. He meets with an awful lot of people.