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Circular Firing Squad: Obamacare Architect Jon Gruber Blames Congress for the Mess He Helped Build

Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber is back. He wants America to know that the mess that is Obamacare, which he built, is not his fault.

“My reaction is, I’m sorry we’re in this situation. I think that when — what the president said, exactly right, is the Affordable Care Act is a minimally disruptive way to get to where we need get in America which is to fix our broken and discriminatory insurance markets,” Gruber said, calling insurance companies’ ability to price plans in accordance with risk “discriminatory” again.

He continues: “People in Congress didn’t think it was good enough. They wanted to fix the broken insurance markets and make sure no one lost. You can’t do that. If you fix the broken insurance market some people benefiting from the broken market have to pay more.” That’s not how they sold the law.

“The president had to deal with the issue. I thought they dealt with it in an effective way by allowing one more year for people to keep their plans. It’s a good solution because it takes pressure off the web failure, it gives people more time to sign up.”

The host asks Gruber whether Obama should have made his “If you like it” promise in a different way. Gruber replies: “He absolutely should have been vaguer in his statement.”